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New for Autumn 2023!
Castle Life

Join us as we journey back to the Middle Ages to find out why castles were built and what life was like for the people living and working in them.

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Our workshop

“Castle Life” is a full day living history workshop ideal for Key Stage 1, which explores why castles were built and what life was like for those living and working in them. 

During the day, we'll discover how castles are evidence of life in the past. From the very first castles, we'll find out who built them and which materials were used. We'll use interactive 3D models to explore how the design of castles developed over time. We'll find out how castles were attacked and how they could be defended: time to try out our model trebuchet and to get hands-on with archery!

We'll also use a variety of artefacts to encourage children to develop their source enquiry skills and to consider what life was like for different social classes during the Middle Ages: What did people eat? How did they wash? Where did they go to the toilet? What did people wear?  What did they do for entertainment?

Packed full of exciting artefacts, (including opportunities to wear and feel real armour), our workshop provides an immersive experience, guaranteed to support your class's understanding of castles, helping them to recognise the important role that these structures played in history.


Why book with us?

Our workshops are planned in line with National Curriculum aims by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Delivered by a teacher, we guarantee that the day has real, educational value to enhance the delivery of history in your school 

Packed full of exciting artefacts and resources for your children to get hands-on with because we think children learn most effectively when they're doing!

Fully risk-assessed so you don't have to worry about the paperwork!

This is a brand new workshop so there are no reviews just yet, but pop over to Testimonials to see what schools say about our other workshops.


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