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Tales and Treasures

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Join us as we travel back in time to discover the amazing arts and culture of the Anglo-Saxons.

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Our workshop

“Tales and Treasures” is a full day living history workshop aimed at primary schools which delves into Anglo-Saxon crafts, music and storytelling. From the messages in their metalwork to their carefully woven tales, our workshop enables children to explore the skilled craftsmanship of the Anglo-Saxons and the important role it played in their culture.

During the day, children will develop their historical enquiry skills through archaeological investigation and artefact-handling. We encourage children to understand the importance of the archaeology in learning about the past and the other clues that the Anglo-Saxons have left behind. 

They will have the opportunity to explore how Anglo-Saxons used story-telling through a Beowulf drama session. We play with toys and games, decipher riddles, explore Anglo-Saxon foods and write runic messages. 

Packed full of exciting artefacts and high-quality resources, our workshop provides an immersive experience, guaranteed to get your class excited about the Anglo-Saxons!

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Why book with us?

Our workshops are planned in line with National Curriculum aims by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Delivered by a teacher, we guarantee that the day has real, educational value to enhance the delivery of history in your school 

Packed full of exciting artefacts and resources for your children to get hands-on with because we think children learn most effectively when they're doing!

Fully risk-assessed so you don't have to worry about the paperwork!

"A great big thank you to Magic Door Education for delivering the Anglo-Saxon workshop to our Year 4 children. The children had an absolutely amazing time and the whole day was really engaging and fun. In particular, the children loved being archaeologists and discovering the Anglo-Saxon artefacts. Weeks later and the children are still playing the games used by Anglo-Saxons."

Year 4 teacher, Yorkshire, Anglo-Saxon workshop


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