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World War 2:

Feeding the Nation

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Join a Land Girl for the day as we explore the vital role that the Women's Land Army played in feeding the nation during World War 2.

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Our workshop

“Feeding the Nation” is a full day living history workshop aimed at primary schools which delves into the daily roles of the Women's Land Army and everyday life on the Home Front. 

We begin by contextualising the events leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War and how the Battle of Supplies began. We explore how identities needed to change to ensure the steady supply of food during the Second World War and encourage children to think about what the terms "battle" and "army" mean in this context.

From the Women's Land Army recruitment process and basic training, children will develop their understanding of life on the Home Front through role-play, artefact-handling, music and dance, and a range of historical sources. 

We include first-hand accounts to enable the children to compare the recruitment propaganda with the reality of life in the WLA. From harvesting to milking, pest control to rationing, we cover the daily roles of the WLA and life at the time through a multi-sensory and immersive experience, (including a ration shopping experience you won't want to miss!) bringing wartime rural Britain into your school.

Packed full of exciting artefacts and high-quality resources, our workshop promises to be hands-on, immersive and fun!


Why book with us?

Our workshops are planned in line with National Curriculum aims by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Delivered by a teacher, we guarantee that the day has real, educational value to enhance the delivery of history in your school. 

Packed full of exciting artefacts and resources for your children to get hands-on with because we think children learn most effectively when they're doing!

Fully risk-assessed so you don't have to worry about the paperwork!

"I just wanted to say a big thank you again for our WOW day. The kids loved it and have started to put their new knowledge into our history lessons. The day ran so smoothly and was so well planned with a huge array of resources for the children to try out and experience. Your knowledge of the era is undoubtedly vast which helped answer all the wonderful questions our kids asked. The relationship you built instantly with the kids is a credit to yourself, a true natural in the teaching game."  

 Year 6 teacher, Yorkshire


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