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Ancient Egypt:

The Gift of the Nile

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Would the Ancient Egyptian civilization as we know it have been able to develop without the Nile River? Come and join us as we travel back in time to explore how a river enabled a civilisation to grow and flourish.


Our workshop

“The Gift of the Nile” is a full day living history workshop aimed at primary schools which explores how the seasonal flooding of the Nile River impacted their whole belief system.

Based on life in the New Kingdom, we’ll find out about the impact of a reliable food source on a previously nomadic people. We’ll explore farming and the Ancient Egyptian diet through hands-on activities, including using Archimedes Screws and grinding grain with a saddle quern.

We’ll discover how the river facilitated trade and transport and the growth of culture and technology by focusing on Queen Hatshepsut’s trading expedition to the Land of Punt. We’ll find out about different boats for different purposes and learn about ancient trade and the value of deben as we take part in a trading session with neighbouring lands.

Children are supported to develop their source enquiry skills as they handle and investigate a wide range of artefacts to see how objects can help us to build a picture of what life was like in the past.

Our workshop uncovers how the Nile River impacted everyday life, beliefs, trade and transport for the Ancient Egyptians and asks children to consider what this civilisation would have been like without it.

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Why book with us?

Our workshops are planned in line with National Curriculum aims by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Delivered by a teacher, we guarantee that the day has real, educational value to enhance the delivery of history in your school. 

Packed full of exciting artefacts and resources for your children to get hands-on with because we think children learn most effectively when they're doing!

Fully risk-assessed so you don't have to worry about the paperwork!

"They had such an amazing day! They were buzzing about the trading session and being able to trade real goods with each other. They said it was the best day ever! "

Year 4 teacher, Staffordshire


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