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Pirates or Pioneers?

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Were the Vikings really only marauding warriors? Come with us as we explore how the Vikings lived and the important role of trading in their society.

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Our workshop

"Pirates or Pioneers?" is a full day living history workshop aimed at primary schools which encourages pupils to think about the Vikings as more than just warriors and sea pirates.

The Vikings were incredible sea-farers and used this to be able to travel to a wide variety of destinations in the world. They recognised the value of trading and developing vibrant trading ports and towns which built wealth and enabled them to buy exotic and rare goods.

We spend a session in role-play as traders from across parts of the world known to the Vikings so that pupils can see how many countries the they travelled to and developed connections with. Through this session, children begin to recognise how trading worked and the value of buying a variety of goods from other countries.

We ask children to think about how we know about the past through artefact-handling and an archaeological “dig.” Children are supported to develop their source enquiry skills to consider their finds and to see how artefacts can help us to build a picture of what life was like in the past.

Through exploration of foods, games and crafts, our workshop aims to support children to develop a deeper understanding of Viking culture and to consider whether their pirate stereotype reflects all of the members of their society.

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Why book with us?

Our workshops are planned in line with National Curriculum aims by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Delivered by a teacher, we guarantee that the day has real, educational value to enhance the delivery of history in your school. 

Packed full of exciting artefacts and resources for your children to get hands-on with because we think children learn most effectively when they're doing!

Fully risk-assessed so you don't have to worry about the paperwork!

"Yesterday, was a fantastic day and I loved the activities, especially the archaeological dig. I hope I will be able to learn more about the Vikings."

"Our Viking day was an amazing and fascinating experience. One of my favourite parts was when we learnt all about how the Vikings trade with other people. I really hope we can do something like this again."

"My favourite part of the day was seeing real artefacts."

"I really enjoyed the Viking day because we learnt a lot of new things and we also got to find out about the Vikings and Neston."

Year 6 pupils, Neston Primary School, Cheshire


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