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We bring history to life in your school

History provides us with so many fascinating characters to learn about, all with stories to tell.

 Our philosophy is simple: children learn best when they are enthused, engaged and actively-involved.  At Magic Door Education, we bring those stories to life through our three core aims; inspire, discover, learn.

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We’re passionate about providing children with real experiences to enable them to understand the past and to inspire their curiosity about history. Most of all, we think learning should be fun!


Let us enthuse your class by getting hands-on with our huge range historical artefacts and resources, as we bring the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of history into your school.


Planned and delivered by a qualified teacher, our workshops are carefully developed in line with the National Curriculum objectives and Ofsted framework.

"Thank you to Magic Door Education Ltd for delivering a fantastic WW2 workshop to our Y3 children. They thoroughly enjoyed deepening their historical knowledge through fun, engaging and practical activities."

Year 3 teacher, Stoke-on-Trent, WW2 workshop

"We thought the day was great, lots for the children to handle and learn about, lots of practical activities for them to join in with, which was fantastic! They learnt a lot without realising it some of the time, I think! Thank you for the opportunity for the children to learn about the Land Army. I will recommend your workshops to others."

Year 5 teacher, Leicester, WW2 workshop

"A huge thank you to Emma from Magic Door Education – our children had an amazing day filled with lots of fun activities to help them learn about life for the Land Army during the Second World War."

LKS2 teacher, Shropshire, WW2 workshop

"We have all learned so much today! To see the children all so excited to learn more about WW2 as we move through our topic is amazing!"

Year 5 teacher, Stoke-on-Trent, WW2 workshop

"A great workshop day with @door_education. Journeying back to 1854 to meet Florence Nightingale. Both staff and children loved it. A great way to enhance our topic. I don't want to give too much away, so you will have to book to find out, but trust me, it's well worth it!"

Year 2 teacher, Stoke-on-Trent, Florence Nightingale workshop

"Years 3 and 4 had a great day packed full of lots of fun activities! 

They spend part of the session in role-play as 10th century traders where they explored how the Vikings formed trade links with other countries; they learnt about Viking culture, explored the foods they liked to eat and which games and pastimes they used to enjoy and also enjoyed exploring Viking artefacts on an archaeological dig.

Thank you Magic Door Education for a fantastic day!"

Year 3 teacher, Staffordshire, Viking workshop

"Year 3 learned all about the River Nile and the importance of it during the Ancient Egyptian era.

We learnt to write our name in hieroglyphs , explored ancient artefacts and took part in lots of activities - even grinding our own flour and extracting water to feed the crops! A huge thank you to Emma for presenting our workshop!"

Year 3 teacher, Wolverhampton, Ancient Egyptian workshop

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"I just wanted to say a big thank you again for our WOW day. The kids loved it and have started to put their new knowledge into our history lessons. The day ran so smoothly and was so well planned with a huge array of resources for the children to try out and experience. Your knowledge of the era is undoubtedly vast which helped answer all the wonderful questions our kids asked. The relationship you built instantly with the kids is a credit to yourself, a true natural in the teaching game."

Year 6 teacher, Yorkshire, WW2 workshop

"We loved our workshop; Emma had every available resource under the sun and was so organised and well prepared. Having hands on experiences with artefacts which we could never have given our children was invaluable."

Year 3 teacher, Lancashire, Ancient Egytpian workshop

"I would like to commemorate you on your amazing work on the Anglo-Saxon day you did for us at Bleakhouse Primary School.

You were extremely well organised with each activity you had set up and provided us with a wide range of activities to consolidate learning in each session.

The children all enjoyed the day very much, as did the staff involved with the Year group that day.

Thank you once again for the day it was very practical and informative and one that we will remember for a long time to come."

Year 4 teacher, Birmingham, Anglo-Saxon workshop

"A great big thank you to Magic Door Education for delivering the Anglo-Saxon workshop to our Year 4 children. The children had an absolutely amazing time and the whole day was really engaging and fun. In particular, the children loved being archaeologists and discovering the Anglo-Saxon artefacts. Weeks later and the children are still playing the games used by Anglo-Saxons."

Year 4 teacher, Yorkshire, Anglo-Saxon workshop

"Yesterday, was a fantastic day and I loved the activities, especially the archaeological dig. I hope I will be able to learn more about the Vikings."

"Our Viking day was an amazing and fascinating experience. One of my favourite parts was when we learnt all about how the Vikings trade with other people. I really hope we can do something like this again."

​​"My favourite part of the day was seeing real artefacts."

​"I really enjoyed the Viking day because we learnt a lot of new things and we also got to find out about the Vikings and Neston."

Year 6 pupils, Cheshire, Viking workshop

"This week, our Year 6 classes had a brilliant day with Emma, exploring World War 2. The children had so much fun handling the amazing artefacts Emma brought with her and they learnt so much about what it was like for the Land Girls and the important role they had to play on the home front. All of the activities were so well planned and sparked the children’s imagination and curiosity. Thank you so much."

Year 6 teacher, Staffordshire, WW2 workshop

"Absolutely fantastic day looking at the Anglo-Saxons with Magic Door Education with my Year 4 class. We all had a brilliant time, learnt lots and have remembered it at a later date too! Really recommend to everyone!"

Year 4 teacher, Preston, Anglo-Saxon workshop

"Amazing! My children have been in Emma's workshop and they haven't stopped! Butter-churning, cow-milking, seed planting, very active learning. I will definitely be recommending her!"

Parent, Stoke-on-Trent, WW2 workshop

"The children and staff really enjoyed the Anglo-Saxon workshop. Thank you for the resources! The follow up materials provided after the workshop specifically for our school curriculum were invaluable. A* A* A* !"

Year 4 teacher, Preston, Anglo-Saxon workshop

"The Feeding the Nation workshop was a wonderful introduction to our WWII topic and kept the children enthused and inspired all day. With a range of hands-on investigative activities, using real artefacts from the period, the topic came alive and the children really enjoyed themselves."

Year 6 teacher, Yorkshire, WW2 workshop

"Year 3 had a fantastic Egyptian day. They enjoyed dressing up in costume and we saw some amazing outfits.

We have all learnt a great deal and now have a better knowledge of Ancient Egyptian life! The children really enjoyed the hands on experience of handling artefacts, writing in hieroglyphs on papyrus paper and looking at picture evidence. It was a brilliant day enjoyed by everyone."

Year 3 teacher, Wolverhampton, Ancient Egyptian workshop

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