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Online workshops

Our online workshops are a fantastic way to bring your history topic to life with a virtual visitor from the past. Differentiated for KS1 or KS2, our live and interactive 60 minute online workshops are led by Emma, an experienced primary teacher, who will appear as a historical character ready to challenge your class with historical problem-solving, role-play and storytelling!

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Anglo-Saxons: Tales & Treasures

Birds, serpents, horses - why did the Anglo-Saxons decorate their treasures with these images and what did it mean? Come as we discover Anglo-Saxon culture.

Meet our Anglian woman, living in 7th century Mercia. She'll talk to your class about everyday life, including food, games and clothing. Using some amazing artefacts, we'll explore themes in the way Angles and Saxons decorated their belongings and begin to understand the significance of the imagery on their treasures.

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World War 2: 

Feeding the Nation

Just how important was the role of the Women's Land Army during World War 2? Come and find out how Land Girls helped to feed our nation.


Meet our Land Girl, a member of the Women's Land Army, working hard to win the Battle of Supplies. She can talk to your class about how she was recruited, her training and life on the rural Home Front, and what it is like to work in what had been a man's role. She'll share fascinating artefacts from the time and answer your questions about the WLA and the Home Front.

Screenshot online Viking workshop.jpg

Vikings: Pirates or Pioneers?

Marauding pirates or international traders? Come and explore the crafts and incredible trade-routes of the Vikings.


Meet our Danish woman, living in 9th century Mercia. She’ll talk to your class about her role as a trader's wife and how the Vikings used different materials to create a wide range of crafts. Through a range of artefacts, you can explore the craftsmanship of the Vikings and how important trading was for their society.

Photo GOTN online.jpg

Ancient Egypt:

The Gift of

the Nile

Would the Ancient Egyptian civilization have been able to develop without the Nile River? Come and explore how a river enabled a civilisation to grow.


Meet our Ancient Egyptian woman living in the New Kingdom. Through a range of artefacts and resources, she’ll help your class to discover how the seasonal flooding of the Nile River was central to the belief system of the Egyptians. We’ll find out about the impact of a reliable food source on a previously nomadic people, how the river facilitated trade and transport and the growth of culture and technology.

Schools have found our online workshops a great way to bring their topics to life during Covid-19 restrictions.

Here's some of our latest feedback:

"We really enjoyed the session and certainly learnt lots! I have been teaching this topic for years now and found out all sorts that I didn't know before! You really brought it to life and related it to their own lives!"

Year 6 teacher, Lancashire, WW2 workshop

"The children have really enjoyed the workshops. They certainly helped to consolidate the learning we have done in History so far this term and they came away with some additional information too!"

Year 5 teacher, Staffordshire, Anglo-Saxon workshop

"It was lovely for them to consider whether the Vikings really were as vicious as they were made out to be."

Year 6 teacher, Staffordshire, Viking workshop

"The children and staff really enjoyed the Anglo-Saxon workshop. Thank you for the resources! The follow up materials provided after the workshop specifically for our school curriculum were invaluable. A* A* A* !"

Year 4 teacher, Preston, Anglo-Saxon workshop

"Thank you for another super afternoon with lots of learning and finding out taking place. The resources sent via email were high quality and of value to the children's learning. They enjoyed the active participation and the feedback from their answers and ideas. The children gained knowledge about aspects of Anglo-Saxon life in a fun and informative way. Thank you again and I would certainly recommend you as a superb way of getting the outside world in to a very small and geographically isolated school for a reasonable cost."

KS2 teacher, Lincoln, Anglo-Saxon workshop

“Thanks so much for this morning’s workshop. The children absolutely loved it... incorporating this into our theme day was even better than a school trip. The children were so engaged and learnt loads. A fabulous job and it far exceeded our expectations!”

Year 4 teacher, Warwick, WW2 workshop

"It was fantastic the kids have learnt so much and the activities were perfect to break up the information. I would definitely recommend to others and would use your company again!"

Year 4 teacher, Staffordshire, Viking workshop

"A superb afternoon with lots of information and activities to keep the class busy whilst learning. It started many useful discussions about so many aspects of life during wartime.

It was easy to organise, matched the curriculum needs and was a superb experience either at the start of a theme or an interactive exit point to review and discuss knowledge. Thank you for a well organised and entertaining afternoon."

KS2 teacher, Lincolnshire, WW2 workshop

"Massive thank you for delivering the Anglo-Saxon workshop to our children today! They all really enjoyed it."

Year 5 teacher, Staffordshire, Anglo-Saxon workshop

“Thank you, the children really believed you were from 1940!”

Year 5 teacher, Herefordshire, WW2 workshop

"The Ancient Egyptian workshop was fab - they absolutely loved it!! We really did have a lovely time - you made it so interactive and they were engaged from start to end (hard to do on zoom with 7 year olds!) Thank you :)"

Year 3 teacher, Hackney, Ancient Egyptian workshop

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